Kazakh startup Sagi has found a solution to waste disposal after the New Year holidays

Astana Hub participant, Sagi startup, together with LS Ecolife, a company engaged in the collection and processing of recyclables, are launching the eco-movement “Start the New Year environmentally friendly”. The promotion starts immediately after the holiday weekend, January 4, and will last until the end of the month.

After the New Year, street trash cans are stuffed to overflowing with tinsel, gift packages, empty bottles. All this goes to landfills, which are growing every day. Every citizen of Kazakhstan annually produces more than 400 kg of waste, more than 45 million tons of garbage have already been accumulated at the official landfills of the country. Only in Nur-Sultan, more than 300 thousand tons of solid household waste are collected per year, that is, almost 1000 tons per day. At the same time, 45% of waste - waste paper, plastic from boxes, toys, are secondary raw materials suitable for recycling.

During the action period, residents of the capital will be able to hand over recyclables for recycling and receive 300 bonuses for this, which can be spent in establishments and shops. Among the partners: Hani cakes and coffee confectionery, Mastercoffee coffee shop, 5A restaurant, Tucino shoe store, etc. The full list of establishments is available in the Sagi mobile application, where you can also see the number of bonuses from different establishments. Waste paper, cardboard, plastic, plastic packaging bags, etc. are accepted for recycling.

Thanks to the application, users refuse to use plastic bonus cards and paper questionnaires. In order to receive bonuses for a single Sagi virtual card, you need to leave your phone number at the recycling point. To spend bonuses, it is enough to name your individual customer code when paying for the service.

“Our company promotes eco-products and is always for conscious consumption. Today, new technologies make it possible to abandon plastic and paper, many processes can be solved using a smartphone,” said Zhaksylyk Yeselbayev, head of Sagi. At the same time, the company's employees note: items that cannot be recycled, for example, artificial Christmas trees or decorations, can be used for several years, or transferred to charitable foundations.

By the way, in the outgoing year, for the environmental friendliness, successful approach and prospects of the project, Sagi received 10 million tenge for development as part of Seed Money financing from Astana Hub. In addition, the startup successfully passed the Accelerator technopark acceleration program, where it received expert support for entering the markets of Southeast Asia. 

 Sagi and LS Ecolife urge Kazakhstanis to think about tomorrow. A fun holiday should not cause damage to the environment. 


You can hand over recyclables for processing in Nursultan at the following addresses: 

  1. Mustafina, 17/1
  2. Manasa, 11/4
  3. Kanysha Satpayeva,
  4. 29 Kosshy, Republic Street, 3Bf

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