Bicycle: "We were attracted to Kazakhstan by human potential"

Foreign IT startups willingly choose Kazakhstan as a platform for scaling and entering new markets. At the same time, company executives are increasingly turning to local IT talents.

The Belarusian company Mbaysicle is an expert in the development of web and mobile applications. At the beginning of March this year, the company opened a representative office in Almaty. At the same time, three local software engineers are already working here, and the fourth Kazakhstani will join the team in a few days. 

“Most of all, we liked the communication skills of your specialists, an excellent level of English language proficiency and, of course, a highly professional technical background,” he notes  CEO and founder of the company Igor Nikolaev. 

IT specialists are engaged in custom software development for clients from Europe, the USA and Israel. 

“We have heard a lot about the human resources of Kazakhstan, there are many specialized universities and faculties, a powerful infrastructure. Your country has a high rating in the IT field around the world. A crucial role in the move was played by the possibility of obtaining tax preferences in Astana Hub,” the director of Mbaysicle emphasizes.

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