Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan Launches Defence Tech Center at Astana Hub

Today marked the official opening of the Defence Tech Center, aimed at researching, developing, and implementing cutting-edge technologies in the defense and security sector. The center brings together the efforts of the scientific and innovative startup community with the defense complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The goal is to provide optimal solutions to strengthen the country's defense capabilities and technological potential.

"Similar centers exist in many countries worldwide. Thanks to such centers, revolutionary solutions emerge. It's no secret that the internet, GPS systems, even the computer mouse, originated from the defense sector, later transitioning to the civilian sector. I am confident that within the walls of Astana Hub, particularly at the Defence Tech Center, we will see cool revolutionary solutions that will change the course of events, enhance the defense capabilities of our country, and accelerate overall innovation development in Kazakhstan," noted Darhan Akhmediev, Deputy Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan.

As part of the event, the Defence Tech Battle took place, where Astana Hub participants—startups with advanced technologies in the defense sector—competed in innovative solutions. In this startup battle, with a total prize fund of $15,000, nine of the most competitive startups were selected.

The expert jury included: Kanys Tuleushin, First Vice Minister of the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan; Darhan Akhmediev, Deputy Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan; Zhumabek Akhmetov, Head of the Department of Military Education and Science of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan; Ania Baikenova, Chairman of the Board of JSC "Kazakhstan GIS Center"; Temirzhan Abdrakhmanov, Chairman of the Board of JSC "NC "Kazakhstan Engineering"; Magzhan Madiyev, CEO of Astana Hub.

The best in three categories were determined following the Defence Tech Battle:

  • "Best Innovative Technology in Defense" went to the startup "Geotaktika" - a 3D simulator for teaching tactical skills and weapons management.
  • "Best Solution for Security and Protection" was awarded to the startup "Beren" - a system for protecting against unauthorized drone activity.
  • "Revolutionary Defense Solution" was given to the startup "Game of Drones" - an online simulator for controlling real drones, training military personnel in vehicle management and team battles.

Each winner in these categories received a prize of $5,000. Other startups that participated in the battle included SmartView (Smart Military Monitoring System), "Satellite Technologies for Unmanned Aviation and Drones," "3D Printer UMKa," "Kamikaze Drone," "Satellite Signal Suppression and Spoofing System for Drones," and "Automated Weapon Control Systems."

"Our tech park, as the core of the ecosystem and the IT industry, is ready to provide all kinds of support. We see that many interesting and innovative solutions are being developed but in not very demanded niches. Therefore, I have a request for entrepreneurs - tell your friends and acquaintances that there is such an opportunity, there is a defense niche. Here, there are huge opportunities, significant demand, a great need for innovation. Invite IT specialists and innovators to this field; let them come, suggest. Specifically for this, at the initiative of the Ministry of Defense and with the support of the Ministry of Digitalization, the Defence Tech Center has been launched. Today's event is just a small part. Now everything will systematically continue to develop," emphasized Magzhan Madiyev, CEO of Astana Hub.

It's worth noting that in the international tech park Astana Hub, alongside the Defence Tech Center, several other innovation centers operate, such as the Blockchain Center—focused on the development of the FinTech industry, digital assets, and decentralized finance; SpaceTech Center—supporting startups developing projects in the field of space technology and aerospace industry; 5G Center—dedicated to creating and testing new digital products based on the advantages of 5G technology; GameDev Center—researching new technologies, hardware, and software in the game design and development field, creating effective educational programs based on them; OTS Digital Center—a digital one-stop-service hub for participants in the innovation ecosystem of the Turkic states; AI-Center—oriented towards developing and scaling projects based on artificial intelligence.

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