About mining companies that are members of Astana Hub and receive tax benefits

Participants of Astana Hub are IT companies and start-ups that receive tax benefits and operate within the list of priority activities in the field of ICT. As of today, over 650 participants are registered in Astana Hub, 71 of which are with foreign participation. In total, over 3 years they earned more than 235 billion tenge.

Also, among the participants of the technopark are registered companies that receive tax benefits and provide services to provide a comprehensive computing infrastructure for performing computing operations and data processing. These are data centers, data centers and other companies that provide their services for hosting servers, hosting, etc. In particular, these participating companies could provide their services to miners.

Thus, miners cannot be registered in Astana Hub, but companies that provide infrastructure for miners can be registered. We would like to note that Astana Hub acted within the framework of the current legislation.

At the same time, ICRIAP is working to change the list of priority activities in order to exclude companies providing infrastructure for miners from the list. After updating the list, Astana Hub will exclude all of the above companies from the technopark participants receiving tax benefits.

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