Why do Belarusian companies choose Kazakhstan? Firsthand stories.

More and more foreign IT companies are choosing the international technopark of IT start-ups Astana Hub. Since the beginning of the year, 15 companies have already joined the technopark, and now 79 projects with foreign participation enjoy tax preferences.

One of these startups is the Belarusian company MBycycle, which opened a representative office in Almaty in March of this year, and in early April became a member of the Astana Hub.

The range of work of Mbicycle is mobile and web development of programs and full-cycle applications in java-, dotend-, frontend languages. Most of the clients are companies from Europe, America, Australia and Israel in the fields of FinTech, Health Care, Entertainment, E-commerce, Sport and others. The project team now has about 120 people, but due to political events, they are currently all in different countries: Poland, Georgia, Kazakhstan. 15 people moved to Almaty together with the head of the company Igor Nikolaev. One local developer already works in the team, and from May 1, three more Kazakhstanis will join him.

According to Igor, the decisive factor for moving to Kazakhstan was the opportunity to reside in the Astana Hub technopark: tax preferences, opportunities to receive PR support and pass various programs for free. Among other advantages of living in Kazakhstan, Igor first of all notes the hospitality and cordiality of the people of Kazakhstan, developed infrastructure and human potential, as well as a high level of digitalization of public services.

It was not without difficulties: upon arrival in Kazakhstan, it was not clear where to go for registering an LLP, obtaining an IIN, opening a bank account. According to Mbicycle employees, the office based on the AIFC expat center, where you can get all the necessary services in one place, has become an excellent solution to this problem.

Another Belarusian company that is already successfully being introduced into the Astana Hub IT community is Plavno.

Plavno LLP is the regional office of the company "Abiatec", which was founded in 2007 by combining several technical and design teams. The company develops websites, online stores and web applications. Among the company's clients: MTBank, BelWeb Bank, Belgazprombank, life:), KIA, Mark Formelle, FC Dynamo Minsk.

In March of this year, a team led by leader Oleg Lipunov moved to Kazakhstan consisting of 20 people. Today several local IT people have already joined Plavno. At the same time, today the company is looking for specialists in react.js, node.js, laravel.

“Why Kazakhstan? This is a country with wonderful and hospitable people who speak the same language with us. These are modern and comfortable cities that allow you to get the necessary level of comfort and services. Positive social and positive changes in society in recent years give hope for stability for business. The Astana Hub Technopark offers excellent conditions for doing business and integrating into the local community,” says Oleg Lipunov.

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