About "agile" in simple words

Astana Hub strives to cover the most relevant and diverse topics for its audience. For example, yesterday, community members, together with a new technopark resident, IT company ITS Partner, understood such concepts as “offshore companies”, “agile” and “SCRUM”.

The leaders of the Belarusian company Vitaly Kalatalo and Andrei Romanyuk talked about how to build an effective model of work in an international company, where most of the team works remotely.

  • There are certain difficulties of working in offshore teams. First of all, it is the inability to gather all employees in one place and quickly discuss problems due to the difference in time zones and distance. Fortunately, modern means of communication partially solve these issues.

Vitaliy and Andrey shared their secrets on how to build trust in a team.

  • Our motto is: “nobody is to blame for the mistake, something just went wrong”. And we are all looking for the cause together.

The speakers call flexibility, transparency, the right motivation (and not just financial stimulation), competent positive and negative feedback as the key principles of work in any team. In addition, when working with representatives of different countries, it is necessary to take into account cultural characteristics.

  • The most effective result is obtained when the needs of the team and the requests of the customer are equally taken into account. It should be remembered that the customer, just like you, needs a stable team that works with him.

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