Soon! “Big Data & AI Conference 2020” – without borders

Data Science gurus, breakthrough insights, real cases, technologies that are changing the world right now — you can find all this on Big Data & AI Conference 2020.

In 2 days, over 20 speakers from different fields will speak at the online conference, who are able to work with data and are ready to share their "secret knowledge": how to implement digital transformation in companies from the TOP 500.

All participants of the conference will hear fresh cases that have passed through a "sieve" of professionals in the field of Data Science. Among them are reports from experts: VTB, Gazprom Neft, Sibur, Severstal Digital, Russian Railways, Interfax-LAB,, 1C, etc.

In 2020, big data is everywhere penetrating into all spheres of life, which means that the conference will appeal not only to IT specialists, but also to managers, managers and other representatives of the business community.

Professionals from different industries will be able to gain practical knowledge:


  •       how to identify customer behavioral patterns based on data analysis;
  •       how to identify patterns of the external environment/market based on data analysis;
  •       how to develop a sales system that will choose the most optimal time and product to form an offer to the client;
  •       how to develop new products based on big data;
  •       how to automate the process of collecting and preparing big data for analytics;
  •       how to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns using Motion Recognition;
  •       how to increase business profitability through the introduction of digital management methods and much more.

For the convenience of listeners, the conference will be divided into 3 tracks: business and technical, scientific seminar. Each participant, depending on their professional interests, will be able to hear both all the reports of the track and listen to selected performances. The business track will be useful for IT managers and managers who are looking for practical cases of using Big Data and ML relevant to their company and want to understand what the results of implementation and benefits for the company will be. As part of the technical track, specialists, together with the presentation of cases, will talk about the specifics of choosing certain IT solutions.


The scientific seminar is designed for researchers working on the creation of new approaches to work with semantic analysis, machine learning, structuring, processing and visualization of big data. The proceedings of the scientific track of the conference will be published in the Journal of Physics: Conference Series and indexed in Scopus and Web of Science.


Tickets can be purchased on the terms of early booking at a reduced price. Detailed information, the program of the event and registration are available on the conference website.

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