Astana Hub member status can be obtained from any city online

More than 400 Kazakhstani IT-companies became participants of the technology park and receive tax preferences. The preferences exempt participants from paying taxes such as CIT, VAT, VAT on imported goods, tax on royalty, IPT and social tax for non-residents

This measure of state support allows IT-companies to reinvest savings in the development of their projects. The status of the participant can be received online extraterritorially.

In addition, reporting for Astana Hub members is available online. Quarterly reports on the implementation of the startup project are submitted by the 5th day of the month following the reporting quarter.

To become a participant of Astana Hub, it is necessary to go through a simple online registration process on Astana Hub website with submission of a minimal set of documents. Membership status gives companies the opportunity to hire foreign workers without quotas, as well as to apply for a work visa that is valid for up to 5 years instead of the standard 3 years.

The list of required documents can be found on the Astana Hub platform at the link, and you can also call: 8 (747) 094 02 37

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