Metropolitan College Students Learn How to Become a Startupper

The Astana Hub International Technopark of IT Startups is always open to those who want to get acquainted with the world of IT and learn more about the "kitchen" of technology startups. The other day, students of the College of Public Catering and Service, the Higher College of Transport and Communications of Nur-Sultan visited the capital's technopark.

Excursions were held from May 24 to June 8 this year. During this time, more than 300 students took part in specially prepared events. Employees and interns of the Office of Educational Programs gave the children a tour of the Astana Hub, a presentation of the technopark, and also invited them to play the Kahoot game quiz.

Students learned about technological entrepreneurship and the IT field; about training opportunities in the Beta Career, Startup School, No Code, Freelance School programs, as well as how to start a career in IT and create your own startup.

At the end of the meetings, the hub's cinema screened the documentary film "Hello, World: what's happening with IT in Kazakhstan" by the famous young director Kana Beisekeyev.

Educational programs are aimed at cultivating talents in the field of IT through the popularization of technological entrepreneurship and the basic knowledge necessary to create a technological startup

Through its educational programs, courses and events, the Office of Educational Programs creates a funnel for attracting new talent to the startup ecosystem, developing communities of students, schoolchildren, freelancers and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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