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NAO "Government for Citizens" in search of innovative solutions!

The state Corporation announces a challenge to find innovative solutions

NAO "Government for Citizens State Corporation" together with Astana Hub announces a challenge to find innovative solutions in the field of video analytics and other areas. 

Requirements for participants:

  • Applications are accepted until July 10, 2024.
  • IT companies with a registered legal entity and a product at the MVP stage or higher can participate.
  • The opportunity to participate both offline (for residents of Astana) and online.
  • The prize fund is 5 million tenge

Detailed information is available on the website.

1) An AI solution for a Single contact center 1414

Creating an AI chatbot for a Single Contact Center 1414. The main tasks include automatic text recognition in Kazakh and Russian, integration with existing systems, model training, generation and uploading of reports, as well as ensuring smooth operation.

2) Development of an intelligent video analytics system

Creation of a video analytics system for the situation center. The main tasks include real-time video stream analysis, visitor identification, monitoring and notification of suspicious events, as well as integration with existing video surveillance systems.

3) Development of a universal service for digitizing archives

Creation of a service for digitization and storage of archived data. The main tasks include providing fast data retrieval and integration with various information systems.

4) The use of computer vision to assess driving skills

The use of computer vision technologies in the process of passing practical exams for obtaining a driver's license. The main tasks include fixing violations and ensuring transparency of the examination process.

5) Development of a platform for online theoretical exams

Creation of an online platform for passing theoretical exams for obtaining a driver's license. The main tasks include biometric identification, automatic verification of results and fraud protection.

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