I am a starting startup

  • What does Astana Hub do?

    Technopark helps with PR promotion to all members of the Astana Hub community: resident companies; participants of educational and business programs, and promising projects that need information support.

  • What programs for start-ups are available at Astana Hub?

    Astana Hub offers several educational and business start-up programs at different stages: for both beginner and advanced startups. You can get acquainted with the detailed list of programs on the main page of Astana Hub. When registering for the program, your application is placed on the reserve list and will be considered during the launch of the program. This is a two-day intensive course that helps you create your own startup or digitize an existing business.




    Startup school (for any age). This is a two-day intensive course that helps you create your own startup or digitize an existing business. Suitable for schoolchildren, and students.


    Online Mentor (from idea to business). The online mentoring program aims to help start-up projects to test the viability of their ideas, accelerating the development of startups. Each program participant is accompanied by an individual tracker that helps bring the project to the MVP stage and make the first sales. Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to take part in the business programs of the technopark.


    Tracker School Training course for domestic trackers (mentors) to work with start-up projects. The School of Trackers allows you to increase the number of Kazakhstani experts in the regions. Education at the school lasts 2 days, the course is fixed by a two-month practice.


    Business programs:


    Acceleration is an intensive educational program for startups. The program helps to improve the product and bring the business to a qualitatively new level. Projects that meet the selection requirements are provided with tools to accelerate business performance: mentoring from successful entrepreneurs, tracking, over 200 hours of training and consultations, networking with the best teams in the market, free office space and PR promotion in the media, free accommodation in a hostel for non-residents participants.


    Incubation is a program for start-up and existing IT businesses, with full involvement in the workflow. Here, the participants have access to: a single coworking, networking with other startups, access to the knowledge base, and training workshops on creating an MVP. The project participants are being prepared for the main acceleration program of Astana Hub.


  • I know that an innovative programming school alem has been opened on the basis of Astana Hub. Tell me more.

    School alem 2.0 - training of software developers of international level. Education at the alem school is built on the principle of the world famous Ecole 42 school by Nicolas Sadirac. The alem school operates on the basis of the educational platform 01 Edu System. The school in Astana Hub is the only school in the world that works according to version 2.0, in other countries the school works according to version 1.0., and these are France, the USA, South Africa, Romania, Belgium, Morocco, the Netherlands, Ukraine.