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Digital Student ID card Student Life

Digital student ID card – user-friendly interface, functions and features! All in one app, everything is at hand. 

The project will allow you not to waste a teacher's time on a report on attendance and student progress.

This is an innovative approach to education!

The purpose of the project: accessibility and motivation of students to improve academic performance and quality of education.

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IT solution in construction

Satisfaction of production processes in construction, by digitalizing them using the AiSCorp system.

Every day we are faced with the problem of organizing work at a construction site, solving the tasks set and the timeliness of their implementation; construction quality; production safety, the human factor.
We offer:
•    Reducing the time of processes in construction
•    Timely performance of functional duties of each employee
•    Reduction of manual data entry on paper - 85%
•    Time reduction and supply management - 75%
•    9.4% initial improvement in overall performance on the first pass
•    Average productivity increases by 10-15%
•    Monitoring of all production processes 24/7
•    Security and easy access to data storage

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A platform for automating internal business processes and document flow

Hello! My name is Alisher, I am engaged in the automation of workflow and business processes. For more than 5 years of work in this field, I have accumulated a lot of cases and tried out two dozen different techniques that help to make the most effective analysis of the process.

We all know that digital technologies are developing at a high rate in our country. The proof of this is the state program "Digital Kazakhstan", the purpose of which is the progressive development of the digital ecosystem to achieve sustainable economic growth, increase the competitiveness of the economy and the nation, improve the quality of life of the population. First of all, we are talking about such important and relevant issues for the country as improving the efficiency and transparency of public administration, ensuring employment, improving the quality of education and healthcare, improving the investment climate, increasing labor productivity and increasing the share of small and medium-sized businesses in the GDP structure.

What was our surprise when, when analyzing BPM, ECM systems, it turned out that there was no domestic product competing with international products (ELMA, Bitrix24).

A couple of months ago, friends and I began to summarize the experience. We decided and started developing our own workflow and business process automation systems.


I would like to summarize our message. We know and have seen the main disadvantages of existing document management systems and the inconvenience of working by mail. We have outlined the criteria that, according to UX/UI experts, are the most important. And we have analyzed by a concrete example how necessary a document management system is for many organizations.

We will be glad to continue the discussion of the topic raised.

Give us our contacts.


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Meta Universe of Kazakhstan is a new electronic platform for business

Imagine such a platform where you can do everything.

Buy and sell goods, hold conferences and events, arrange entertainment and much more. Imagine how many students will be able to communicate with each other, visit many interesting places and entertainment venues, and all this on our Kazakhstan platform.

In a few years, the entire electronic commerce of Kazakhstan will be involved in the metaverse.

I already have a team that is ready to start working. The idea is currently in the development plan and we are now actively looking for an investor who believes in this project as much as we do.

In the metaverse, the largest companies are already selling their goods and services to the largest brands and continue to invest billions of dollars, as this is the future.

My kamanda is ready to start working immediately after we find an investor.


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Astana hub blockchain

Good afternoon!

My name is Sanjar, I have been working in the blockchain crypto industry for more than 3 years, I worked for a hundred in the largest mining pool in CYU and Eastern Europe - , now I work in a large European crypto exchange also as a service station, our daily trading volume is 20-50 million dollars per day.

As far as I have heard, the task of Astana hub is to help novice startups, I would like to somehow help people develop the crypto industry with my knowledge and experience, not only technical, but also knowledge specific to this area, I have no task to earn or receive some kind of monetary profit)

If we talk about the initiative, I now see an acute problem in not knowing and not understanding how tokenomics works and how it can help a start-up business, I think that based on Astana Hub, you can make a good launchpad platform, with the ability to configure tokens and issue them directly on the platform, while helping entrepreneurs with easy onboarding, and explaining to users why it is beneficial, how it works and why it is safe.

I am interested in the development of the direction and accessibility for ordinary users) Especially now, when our country is very rapidly moving towards the legalization and recognition of cryptocurrencies.

If I can somehow cooperate with you in this aspect, I will be very glad,


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Equate the electronic signing of documents with SMS confirmation to the transaction in writing and digital signature

In order to increase the convenience and simplicity of signing and exchanging electronic contracts in the Republic of Kazakhstan for individuals and legal entities, as well as within the framework of the implementation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the de-bureaucratization of the state apparatus", we propose to consider the possibility of amendments and clarifications to the NPA and the relevant legislation on electronic signing of documents and equate electronic signing of documents with SMS confirmation to make a transaction in writing and EDS.

Our company TrustMe has developed the TrustContract service, with the help of which transactions and contracts are signed online with confirmation via SMS with an additional One-time-password code. This method is much more convenient than the traditional EDS. It does not require the installation of special software and is feasible, for example, including on Apple devices.

In 2019, in accordance with the requirements of the Law "On Communications" on the registration of cellular subscriber devices, the database of identification codes (BDIK) was put into operation, in which the registration of subscribers by telecom operators is carried out according to the scheme "IMEI code + SIM card + subscriber's TIN". Which means that this combination fully identifies and confirms the identity of the signatory of the document when entering the SMS confirmation code.

To date, the method of signing by means of a one-time SMS code is actively used by telecom operators, construction companies, as well as banks and microfinance organizations.

On the other hand, in accordance with a number of current regulations and subordinate instructions of the authorities, a significant part of the documents, for example, acts of work performed, invoices, invoices for payment in some cases require signing using EDS.

This significantly narrows the range of documents, the electronic signing of which would be possible in a much more convenient way than an EDS, namely, using SMS confirmation.

In order to increase the convenience of users of electronic signing, reduce the technical complexity of use, as well as expand the range of documents for simple electronic signing, we propose to make additions to:

- Paragraph 3 of Article 152 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan: "The exchange of letters, telegrams, telephone messages, teletypograms, faxes, electronic documents, electronic messages or other documents defining the subjects and the content of their expression of will, as well as confirmation of consent by means of codes, are equated to the transaction in writing, unless otherwise established by law or agreement of the parties transmitted via a short text message to a subscriber number using a cellular subscriber device."

- Clause 12 of Article 1 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On electronic document and electronic digital signature":

an electronic document is a document in which information is presented in electronic and digital form and certified by means of an electronic digital signature, confirmation by codes transmitted via a short text message to a subscriber number using a cellular subscriber device, or in another way that determines the subjects of the document and the content of their will;

Paragraphs 3-2 of Article 7 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Accounting and Financial Reporting":

Primary documents on electronic media can be signed by means of an electronic digital signature, codes transmitted via a short text message to a subscriber number using a cellular subscriber device, or in any other way that determines the subjects of the document and the content of their will.


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Digitalization of the trade union movement

Back in 2020, I was the initiator of an online solution for trade union organizations registered in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At that time, a viable project had already been created, but unfortunately we did not enter into final negotiations to determine the price and contractual obligations with the end users of the system.

Currently, I want to resume this initiative and enter the market with a ready-made project using the Astana Hub platform


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An online platform with an author's training course "Awareness of anti-terrorist security".

ARTSE Limited Liability Partnership has developed its own online distance learning system and an author's course "Awareness of Anti-terrorist Security".

In connection with the past events on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the most important prerequisite for the eradication of terrorism is the stabilization of the economic and political situation in the country, the strengthening of democratic principles in public and political life, as well as awareness of the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan about anti-terrorist protection remains an important factor.

The main goal of the program is to raise awareness of the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan in matters of anti-terrorist protection as well, to convey to everyone an understanding of the importance of strict compliance with security rules and responsibility for their violations.

the main website of the company:

website of this course:


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Free Cloud resources

Cloud Solutions LLP is a cloud service provider in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our equipment and our services are located on the territory of Kazakhstan. 

We provide our services using our own equipment, which is located in the Waters of the national telecom operator in two capitals of the Republic: Nur-Sultan (Astana) and Almaty

We offer special, free resources for the participants of the Corporate Fund "International Technopark of IT Startups "Astana Hub".  to help you start your business.

I am ready to answer all your questions by phone number +7 775 454 0010 or Email -

With respect,

Director of Cloud Solutions LLP

Daulet Aubakirov

Наше оборудование и наши сервисы находятся на территории Казахстана. 

Мы оказываем наши сервисы с помощью собственного оборудования, которое расположено в ЦОДах национального оператора связи в двух столицах Республики: г. Нур-Султан (Астана) и г. Алматы

Предлагаем специальные, бесплатные ресурсы для участников  Корпоративного фонда «Международный технопарк IT-стартапов «Astana Hub».  для помощи в старте Вашего бизнеса.

На все интересующие вопросы готов ответить по номеру телефона +7 775 454 0010 или Email -

C Уважением,

Директор ТОО Облачные решения

Даулет Аубакиров

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Digital Factory

There are many talented guys in Kazakhstan who understand IT, 

and they want to connect life with this sphere. Since there are no
opportunities to do this in Kazakhstan, they either leave or work
on small projects, developing the design of leaflets, business cards,

Digital Factory decided to gather young talents and create
games with them, simultaneously teaching them design, 3D modeling,
programming and marketing.

Thanks to real projects, it is easier for a person to understand IT and become a sought-after specialist.No one in Kazakhstan develops computer games, game engines on a large scale, 

or engaged in serious 2d or 3d animation. It is difficult for talented young
people to gather in groups and develop something large-scale.

Over the past 20 years, the need for educational programs
and games has increased all over the world. Only on the Steam platform, the number of players exceeded 125 million people, 

and its annual turnover is estimated at $ 180 billion.

An example of our colleagues from Belarus 

The Wargaming company began its existence thanks to
A group of enthusiastic students who were interested
in game development, and began to create large-scale projects. In the sequel
they were bought up by major global companies such as Yahoo. 

Now the company has more than 5,000 employees, and an annual budget
of about $ 400 million. The state participated in their success,
which supported the projects of the start-up company.

Digital Factory already exists.  I am developing this project on my own, and in the appendix there is a presentation for those who would like to get acquainted with it in more detail.

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