How to open an IT company
in Astana Hub (Kazakhstan)

Useful information about launching IT business in Kazakhstan


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stage 1

Entry and registration

Notify migration service upon arriving
to Kazakhstan
(online, offline, ~ 3 working days)

Notification Instructions

stage 2

Registration of a legal entity

There are 2 ways of opening a legal entity in Kazakhstan:

Option 1. Opening of a legal entity under the legislation of Kazakhstan    Option 2. Opening of a legal entity within the framework of Common Law (English law) on the basis of the Astana International Financial Center (AIFC)
Assignment of an individual identification number (IIN) Download
(online, offline ~1 working day)
Obtaining an electronic digital signature for the founder Download
(online, offline ~1 working day)
Registration of legal entities under the legislation of the Republic of KazakhstanDownload
(online, offline ~3 working hour)
Registration of legal entities in the AIFC mode on the AIFC website Download
(online ~4 working day)
Opening a bank account List of banks
(online ~1 working day)
Obtaining a temporary residence permit Procedure of obtainement
(online ~1 working day)

Our team



You will be treated and looked after exclusively by me!



You will be treated and looked after exclusively by me!

stage 3

After opening a legal entity, get the tax benefits at Astana Hub

Advantages of the Astana Hub tax regime

Tax benefits* 0% for:

- Corporate income tax
- Individual income tax
- Value added tax
- Social tax for non-residents, and etc.


* the principle of extraterritoriality (any city in Kazakhstan for business)


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Visa benefits

- Simplified visa procedure for foreign workers and their family members
- Unlimited number of attracted foreign workers
- Obtaining a C3 category work visa for up to 5 years (instead of 3 years


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Modern infrastructure 

- Office in the innovation cluster (22 thousand sq. m.)
- Uninterrupted Internet, 500 MB/s and more
- 5G network coverage

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Access to IT talents

- Alem Programming School (Ecole42)
- leading universities Astana IT University and Nazarbayev University
- программа подготовки IT-специалистов Tech Orda (3 000 специалистов в 2022 г.)
- Other educational programs of Astana Hub 


Community of more than 900 IT companies and startups

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PR support 

PR support and promotion in the media channels of Astana Hub and partners

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What does the Astana Hub Technopark do?


Astana Hub Tax Regime

Residents about us


Snoonu, Qatar

This partnership will support Qatar and Kazakhstan vision of building a knowledge-based economy...
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ITS Partner, Belarus

“We feel welcomed in Kazakhstan thanks to both: the friendliness of local residents as well as the conditions created for the development ...
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IBA Group, Belarus

“We see the potential of the Astana Hub Tech Park and happy to be a part of it”
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Procedure of obtaining tax benefits
(~10 working days)

  • 01

    Online registration

    Create a personal account on the Astana Hub portal and submit an electronic application with the necessary documents attached

  • 02

    Application processing

    In case of non-compliance of the documents, Astana Hub will return the documents for revision for corrections

  • 03

    Commission decision

    Within 10 working days there will be sent an e-mail with a response about a positive or negative decision of the commission

  • 04


    In case of passing two stages of selection, you will receive a certificate of Astana Hub participant

  • 05


    After all the stages, you will be included in the list of registered participants of Astana Hub

  • 06

    Signing the contract

    The Contract specifies the terms of the Astana Hub participant's activity

Why Kazakhstan?

Life in Kazakhstan 

Useful online services in Kazakhstan



Yandex, Uber, Indriver, anytime

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Хабарландыру тақталары

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Guide about arriving to Kazakhstan and settling in the city 



Media about us

Welcome to the International Tech Park of IT startups Astana Hub!


My name is Magzhan Madiyev, I am the founding CEO of Astana Hub.


Today Astana Hub is one of the dynamically developing IT Tech Parks in the world. The residents of the Hub include 620 Kazakhstani and foreign IT startups with over 12,000 employees. Only by the end of 2021 our participants have generated $350 million.




Astana Hub creates an innovative ecosystem for IT companies at different stages of development. Our programs include financing opportunities, incubation, acceleration, training of IT specialists and investors as well as cooperation with world-famous BigTech companies.

In addition, we have created conditions for comfortable IT business that include tax benefits, simplified visa regime for expats, modern infrastructure, investment protected by the English law from the Astana International Financial Center (AIFC), and the opportunity to attract local IT talents to your team.

Tech Park adheres to the principle of extraterritoriality thanks to which companies can enjoy preferences and carry out their activities anywhere in Kazakhstan.

Learn more about the possibilities of cooperation with Astana Hub and become part of the largest ecosystem of IT startups in Central Asia!


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