💸 We have improved an investment app for an Indian market giant.

Our customer, Upstox, is one of the largest stock trading platforms in India.

The task: to add marketing content to simplify the investment process and improve user retention in the app, where they can follow company news and the stock market situation.

What we did:


The marketing content is displayed in the stories format with manual control (swipes, taps and other actions).

• YouTube integration for videos

Stories and some other elements use embedded videos from YouTube. YouTube doesn’t let you play videos when they are not in an active window. To enable the use of control elements in the stories, we have designed an interface that works even when its elements are in the background.

• Dynamic content

Information sections feature dynamically updating content: stock exchange ratings, quotes, various real-time statistics, educational videos and articles, and news releases.

Technology used:

• Backend:

Kubernetes, Docker (Docker compose), PHP (Yii2 framework), Memcached, Redis, RabbitMQ. PostgreSQL, MINIO, Firebase, Payments via Best2Pay, Mapbox.

• Mobile app:

Kotlin Mobile Multiplatform, Kotlin Gradle DSL, Coroutines, Mapbox, Firebase Crashlytics and Analytics, Material Components (Material Design), MOKO libraries, MOKO-mvvm under the hood of Android Architecture Components), MOKO-network under the hood of ktor-Client with entity generator and API classes, MOKO maps.

👉 Read more about development on our website: https://bit.ly/3nwALKe.

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