An MVP App in 3 Months to Showcase a Concept to Investors

Brizk is a startup project that moves the entire bookkeeping process into a mobile app and streamlines it.

The task: Develop an MVP app, so that the customer can showcase the concept to investors. The purpose of the app is to make life easier for small firms and startups in terms of bookkeeping and accounting report generation. All the user needs to do is submit their files in a chat, while AI and independent accountants will do the rest.

What we did at the first stage:

• Authorization

Users could log in using their username and password, but weren’t able to sign up on their own. For the MVP, we filled the customer database manually via the back-end.

• Document upload

To upload a document, the user needed to take its photo in the app. Before submitting it, the user had to specify some details, such as document name, type, etc. The submitted document was uploaded to the server.

• Upload history

This section displayed all submitted documents along with upload dates and document details provided.

This MVP version proved to be successful. The customer managed to receive funding, and we continued the work on the app.

In the full case study, we explain how we improved each part of the app and what we plan to enhance by using a neural network.

👉 Read the full version on our website.

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