How to Bring Photos to Life: School Photo Shoot with Augmented Reality

Customer: Artphoto, a company that takes photos of students and creates class books.

The task: Develop an app for arranging school photo shoots and easy distribution of processed digital photos.

What we did:

• Augmented reality

A QR code is added to the chosen photos. When the user scans the code in the app, the photo “comes to life” and a short movie from the photo shoot is displayed instead. It looks like a “live” photo from “Harry Potter”.

• Admin panel

The admin panel controls all user and content interactions. An admin can assign roles, manage all uploaded content and review payments.

• Personal photos

The children on the photos are automatically identified and linked to their parents. Following the publication of the photo shoot, only the parents will be able to view the personal photos of their child.

→ Read more about the development on our website.

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Вау, вот это цифровзация, жаль не было в мои годы такого ))