How to Go Multiplatform in 3 Months Without Pausing Development

Our customer is Megashots Internet Private Limited, an Indian company that owns a website for gaming and chatting.

The task: to make the app multiplatform and develop an iOS version without pausing Android development.

What we did:

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Migration Plan

To coordinate with the customer's team and migrate existing features to the iOS version while they continued to develop the Android version.

The iOS version with shared code

For future integration of both platforms. When the customer’s team develops new features, they will be able to implement those on both platforms using the shared code.


Other than working with the multiplatform, we have taught the customer some other development tricks. For instance, setting up the gRPC client and building layouts in Jetpack Compose.

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А если разработка подразумевает мультиплатформенность не проще ли пойти в разработку аппа посредством того же флаттера ?