On July 27, we will join JetBrains to give a talk at an online meetup on Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile

The meetup is organized by EPAM, an international community of mobile developers. They asked JetBrains, the creators of Kotlin language and Kotlin Multiplatform technology, and us as experts in using this technology to speak at the meetup.

Our company will be represented by Android developer Alexey Lobynya. He has been working with KMM for five years and has participated in a number of IceRock Development projects, such as Clockedin, Ucar, and VEKA Metering.

In his talk, Alexey will discuss what code should be moved to the shared module and explore the nuances of mobile multiplatform technology.

From his talk, you will learn how to use KMM:

✅ in network requests;

✅ in data processing;

✅ in ViewModel architecture;

✅ in development of offline-first apps; 

✅ for other common tasks when developing mobile apps for both platforms.

When: July 27 at 15:00 CET.

Where: online on YouTube.

👉 Follow the link and click on the «Notify me» button so as not to miss the start of the broadcast: https://bit.ly/3rAV23d.

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