An App for Healthy Meal Planning

Our customer - Nikolife - is a team of preventive functional medicine experts focused on maintaining, restoring and improving the health of adults and children.

The task: Develop an app that would make creating healthy nutrition plans and buying healthy food easier 

What we did:

• Nutrition plans

The app contains eating plans developed by a nutritionist featuring numerous recipes. The user selects their preferred plan, and the app puts together a menu for the next two weeks. You can ban certain foods so that the recipes containing these ingredients are excluded from the plan.

• Satiety level

Each recipe is assigned an index from 0.1 to 1. The system combines recipes in such a way that the sum of indexes for each meal is close to 1. This way, the user won’t get hungry throughout the day.

If necessary, the user can also add a light snack with a 0.1 index on any given day.

• Convenient shopping list

You can select the days for which you want to buy groceries. The app will instantly calculate the amount of, say, tomatoes needed for 3 days and will display the total as a single item on the shopping list. You can check off the products you have already bought and can also save the list on your device in case there is no connection in the store.

→ Read more about the development on our website.

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