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Application for the Ministry of Emergency Situations

1. Keep electronic records of detour and preventive work at facilities, with the possibility of reflecting information about its conduct on the map and the possibility of comparing the reality of preventive work remotely (today we conduct a detour of every house in the capital, hand over recommendations on fire safety and fill out forms on preventive work with familiarization under painting, monitor manually passed sections); 2. Enter information about the preventive work carried out (briefings, results of inspections) and emergency incidents at the facilities of the capital (for residential buildings – a bypass briefing, a confirming photo or material, fires, for objects (for example: schools, shops, parking, etc.- information about the inspection with the application of the results of inspections, briefing, fire). 3. To introduce and maintain in the future the electronic format of operational cards and fire extinguishing plans for the objects for which they are necessarily created (annually these cards and plans need to be updated, which consumes a large amount of waste paper, efficiency is lost during their development, etc.) and characteristics for the objects to be accounted for (these characteristics have we have for each controlled object). 4. Add snow-bearing areas, as well as areas subject to flooding (we have the data) 5. Add fire hydrants (we have the data and the map)


Министерство по чрезвычайным ситуациям Республики Казахстан

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